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BOOST Ringdijk; place to meet, learn & work together in OOST

BOOST Ringdijk is the temporary new work- and meetingspace for refugees and local residents to get to know each other, and work together in developping programs and activities that can help to participate in society. Language and conversation classes, sports, shared workspaces, informative workshops about finding your way in Dutch society, music, dialogue and lectures, cooking and eating. From all these activities may naturally arise contacts and grow bonds. And thus opportunities and connections can be created in which newcomers can use and show their talents. So, participating, being involved – these are the simple words for integration and inclusion.

BOOST Ringdijk is a sequel to HOOST Mauritskade, the temporary place in the Amsterdam Oosterparkbuurt where a group of more than 30 refugees themselves realized a reception center, with broad support from the neighborhoods of Amsterdam East.

There was shown that small-scale, bottom-up shelter is possible and does work. And we learned that the inclusion of the new residents in our city benefits from the self-determination, the connections and friendships. It is an approach that the newcomer - and the residents themselves - can really help on the way. It can give them a huge boost!

A BOOST which is sorely needed. Figures learn that about 75 percent of the refugees still can not find work after a few years. We also know that in the coming years at least 1000 refugees come to live in Amsterdam East; in the new temporary refugee center in the former Bijlmerbajes, in some temporary bigger housingprojects for young start-ups, and in a part of the social housing here in the city. Besides the newcomers there are also refugees living in the city for a longer time already, who sometimes barely got acquainted.

Refugees have had to leave their country behind him, made a big journey to elsewhere to build a new life. They are seeking knowledge and acquaintances, information and clues in order to be part of this new society. The City of Amsterdam has set up a solid program to support them. Next to that we organize with a large network of local residents and neighborhood locations a small local alternative integration program, to enable our new neighbors to find their way into our and their city. Therefor we start this new place: BOOST Ringdijk.

BOOST Ringdijk is made possible through the efforts of many, and through a collaboration between Gastvrij Oost, the municipality of Amsterdam Oost and LOLA (foundation for Vacancy solvers Amsterdam).



Address: Ringdijk 44, 1097 AE Amsterdam



Gastvrij Oost • 19/10/2020

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