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Dialogue at the Anne Frank House

In May every year the Netherlands remembers the time in  of fear and oppression, which the German occupation just is entailed. Every year we come together on May 4 to commemorate the victims and reflect on the fact that our freedom was not always so obvious.

On these days you realize that such a situation should never occur again. However,worldwide people still experience consequences of the war. In many non-Western countries, people are forced to leave behind their homes and elsewhere to build a new life.

In the context of the current debate surrounding the refugee crisis, Gastvrij Oost organizes a special meeting of new Dutch residents and Amsterdam people.

The aim is to make a connection between the Dutch war history and contemporary reality of people with a flight background.

This link will be established on the basis of Anne Frank, whose family tried to flee to America and experienced consequences of closed borders.

The purpose of this meeting is to start a dialogue through which we can understand each other better, learn from each other and hopefully gain new insights.


17:30 Walk and introduction to the museum visit
18:30 Joint museum visits
19:45 After visiting the museum a guided discussion follows.

NOTE: The event will be filmed for the website.

Please subscribe via if you would like to participate in this workshop. Hopefully see you then!

Gastvrij Oost • 04/05/2020

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