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On Saturday, November 21 GastvrijOost began a dialogue about the reception of refugees in our society. About 100 people at 12 tables were talking with each other about what it means to receive refugees, to be hospitable,  to find a safe place. At the final meeting attendees shared the proceeds of the dialogue and agreed on cooperation for the future.

The recent terrible events in France make the conversation more urgent. Dialogue is needed and should be followed up. Conducting a sustained dialogue between residents, business owners and people with a refugee background, is a powerful way to look for new shared values in our society and ways to make concrete steps possible. 21 November is the beginning of a series of meetings, talks and activities to open the conversation and facilitation.

On December 12th we organized – in collaboration with refugees – a cultural afternoon / evening; with film, conversation, music and food.

Ruud • 17/01/2016

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